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Heavy Equipment Rentals

Heavy Equipment Rental division is the newest member of Galaxy, specializing in the lease of high quality heavy equipment rental. Leasing heavy equipment and machinery can be a difficult and costly process and requires a lot of hassle. At Galaxy, we provide the best and market competitive heavy construction equipment rental services to suit your requirements.

Our equipment hire services provide solutions to industries such as construction, oil and gas industries based on their requirements. We understand the costs involved in this competitive market making it difficult for the contractors to buy machinery. We offer a wide range of heavy machinery tools to hire at reasonable prices.

With a wide range of rental heavy equipment in our inventory, we make sure that we provide the newest and latest machinery to our clients so that reliability and optimal performance can be attained. Our team of trained engineers and professionals can assist and guide in selecting the equipment best suited to your needs. If you’re looking for a trusted heavy equipment rental company, We’re the one you’re looking for.

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