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Safety and Fire Protection

As part of a fully integrated asset integrity led portfolio, We are proud to officially launch a range of composite wrap solutions by PPNG REPAIR TECHNOLOGY, US based technology. A wide range of products specifically designed to provide flexible, efficient and cost-effective repairs to piping and infrastructure components is now available. AqueWrap and PowerSleeve innovations can also be used to restore structures and vessels from internal and external wall loss. Our wide range of composite waps provide leak repair, pipe encapsulation, and the containment and reinforcement of both flat, irregular and complex curved surfaces with exceptional adhesion properties, they are proven in extreme dimates and harsh chemical environments. NI calculations for pressure containment and structural integrity are carried out in house by our corrosion specialists, offering fexible bespoke composite wrap solutions within short load times. The composite wrap range not only has significant cost savings for clients but it also has the widest range of selection of products on the market. 

Aqua Wrap

Aqua Wrap is a Moisture Oured Urethane Pre-Impregnated Pre Pregl high strength system used to reinforce and repair piping.

Power Sleeve

PowerSleeve is a high strength, field applied composite system that is used for structural reinforcement and leak repair.