Power Sleeve

PowerSleeve is a high strength, field applied composite system that is used for structural reinforcement and leak repair. PowerSleeve is a high strengen, field-applied composite system that is used for structural reinforcement of damaged piping. It is a wet layup, or field-pregged. fiber reinforced polymer FRP system that consists of custom blended epoxy and unique fibar reinforcements talored for piping repair. These products are suitable for pipes with leaks or which may develop leaks. A broad line of unique epoxy matrix systems and fabrics are available to handle a wide variety high heat applications Loto 525 harsh chemical environments, and cool instalation temperatures. PowerSleeved our engineerd composite consists of a fabric that is a hybrid allow non-armoed system.

This fabric is factory pre treated using a state-of-the-art process which assures that all the microfibers in the wall will be matrix-wetted. Tests of these pre-treatments show a finished PowerSleeve installation is much stronger than an untreated lay-up. We can also provide specialized aber alloys and ber types for your special applications. The Power Matrix grade is selected for your application type. We used custom formulations that give our product exceptional properties of flexibility, adhesion toughness, chemical resistance, thermal resistance, vibration, etc. Special grades are available to handle special situations.

Types Of Damage
  • External Corrosion (ASME PCC 2Type A Repair)
  • Internal Corrosion (ASNE PCC-2 Type B Repair)
  • External Mechanical Damage
  • Cracks
  • Extemal Coating Damage
  • Internal Corrosion Erosion
  • Manufacturing or Fabrication Defects
  • Leaks of completely stopped prior to composite application