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It is always better when everything works together. Galaxy Tech can provide a complete automation solutions for your home, office, restaurant or hotel, we will automate your lighting, ACs, Appliances, TVs and Video sources, Security and Cameras, door looks and just about anything. giving you the ultimate future smart home, office or hotel experience.

Fan Coil Unit Hookup Link - Ebbtrop

Ebbtrop manufactures custom made links which caters the Heating/Cooling industry. Ebblink is a bespoke system comprising interlinked multi-functional valves and components including a pressure-independent control valve(PICV). These are assembled into a complete unit which allows connection, regulation, isolation and draining for fan coil units used in chilled/hot water piping networks.

Benefits :

• Multi-functional modular valve system
• Easy Installation
• Cost Effective
• Available from sizes DN15 – Dn32


Galaxy technology in association with FlowcoMe S.r.l Italy offers an extensive range of both Manual & Electrical valves. The types of valves available include all the basic static valves (such as gate, check, strainers etc.).Specialized valves (high accuracy DRV’s, butterfly valves, high PN rated valves etc.), along with numerous accessories. The sizes available are from 15mm to over 2000mm.The pressure ratings and standard of the products range from PN16 to over Pn40 and cover both BS/EN and American (ANSI) standards. Furthermore some items can be ordered, with special materials requirements, as per the projects specifications.flowconME is a complete turnkey provider for different industries with piping solutions. flowconME has enormous experience and is one of the reputed and approved vendor for many organizations.flowconME s.r.l Italy is certified as per ISO 9001:2008. flowconME follow stringent quality control through different segments and stages of product concepts, design, production, outsourcing, testing, warehousing, distribution & after sales services and ensures that all products are manufactured and managed to the highest international standards.

Potable Water Valves WRAS
HVAC, Plumbing Gate & Butterfly Valves, Balancing Valves & Actuators

Caleffi is a manufacturer of high-quality components for heating, plumbing, air conditioning and renewable energy, for residential and industrial systems.Caleffi also provide state of the art components for metering applications. Caleffi has the most reliable and superior ranges of THERMOSTATIC AND ELECTRONIC MIXING VALVES both central and individual and are widely used in leading Hotels around the world.