Planning Phase

For HVAC and Fire protection together we will design an energy/cost efficient optimal system for a building. You will receive information about different technological solutions, the right product selection and the necessary calculations. Besides that, we also offer all the information necessary in this phase of a project, like drawings and models.
• Specification Drawings
• Product selection
• Engineering
• Energy use calculation


Before commissioning, the products delivered by us will be checked based on the design and put into operation. If you wish, it is possible for us to commission the installation according to a previously agreed contract.It is also possible for us to train your
own service technicians.

• Commissioning
• Training
• Service contract

Operation & Maintenace

During the lifespan of the system we will oversee the operational reliability and optimal performance through smart monitoring and measuring. This way
you will always have a clear insight into the installed systems. Regular maintenance provides longevity and prevention of failure.
• Service
• Maintenance
• Monitoring
• Metering/measuring

Renovation / Retro – Fit

At the end of the economic life cycle of the building or the installation, we will make sure that the system will be entirely ready for a next cycle. Circularity is an important principle for that. Besides that, we will revisit the demands and wishes in order to continually guarantee the efficiency and comfort.
• Compile
• Logistics
• Pre assembly
• Pre fabrication
• Direct supply