Aqua Wrap

Aqua Wrap is a Moisture Oured Urethane Pre-Impregnated Pre Pregl high strength system used to reinforce and repair piping. Aquawrap@ wrap is a low cost composite system for use in repair and reinforcement of existing mechanical systems, structures and poing. Fumished factory-impregnated with Our proprietary urethane resin systems. It is odorless and non-flammable. Aquawrap is ready to apply right out of the bag and oures by way of a chemical reaction with field-applied water. When cured, it is a very durable high strength material that is Impervious to fuels, most chemicals and solvents. It permanently bonds to a wide variety of surfaces such as metals, composites, concrete, plastics, and wood. 

Aquawrap is available in a several Egins and carbon fabrics to satisfy a wide variety of application situations. The unique urethane resin system has excellent long term strength characteristics and toughness. It has been tested to and meets the requirements of the ASME PCC-2 composite piping reinforcement standard. Furnished rosin-wetted and uncured, in rolls, Aquawrap@ships to the field inside hermetically sosed metalized pouches. To use the product, you just tes open the pouch and start wrapping or laying up onto the surface to be repaired or encapsulated. Initial hardening happens in about an hour, with substantial strength increasing over the next few hour.


  • Low Cost
  • Uses a Water activated Polyurethane Resin
  • Simple and Easy to Use – Just “Rip & Wrap”
  • Cures in Wet Conditions and Underwater
  • Many Different Widths and Lengths
  • Non Hazardous
  • 30-Minute Working Time. Perfect for Long Installations
  • High Strength
  • Can be applied over a wide temperature range


PowerSleeve® is a high strength, field-applied composite system that is used for structural reinforcement of damaged
piping. These products are suitable fot pipes with leaks or which may develop leaks. Compared to Aquawrap
Powersleeve can be stored and used for quick repair at difficult to access areas
Areas of Application of Composite Wraps

• High-Pressure Transmission & Distribution Pipelines
• Plants & Refineries
• Marine & Offshore Platforms
• Underwater Piling, Pipe & Concrete Systems
• Municipal Water and Waste Systems
• Civil Bridges & Overpass Columns or Support Beams